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About the Artists

About the ArtistsWe are very proud to offer works from over 200 Published and Acclaimed Artists from more than 40 different countries.

Our inventory includes many works from artists who have been featured in the most prestigious museums in the world!

Art4Good artists' works have been seen and showcased:
The Louvre Museum: Paris, France
The United Nations, New York, USA
The White House
The Smithsonian Institute
The Guggenheim Museum
Musee National d’Art Moderne: Paris, France
Museum of Modern Art: New York, USA
The Tel Aviv Gallery
Haberdasher’s Hall, England
Sephardic Temple Tifereth Israel, Los Angeles, Ca USA
The Townbridge Museum, Great Britain
Salon of Independent Artists, France
Gallery Wally Findlay, Chicago, Palm Beach
City Hall of Chieti, Italy
City Hall of Lasalle, Quebec
Lum-ley Gallery, London
American Association of Artists
Brooklyn Museum, New York
Newark Sstate College, New Jersey
University of Nevada
The Olympics
Caisse d’espagne
Town Hall of Levallois, France
Art Expo, New York
Moshe Monson Gallery, Jerusalem
Uzbekistan National Museum
Museum for Eastern Culture: Moscow, Russia
American Consulate, Israel
Findlay Gallery, United States
Feinstein Gallery
Dimkpoulos Gallery
BLD, New York
Galaxy Gallery: Gotenburg, Sweeden
Geissing Design Institution: Hamburg, Germany
Binyanei Hauma: Jerusalem, Israel
National Society of Painters: New York
El Paso Museum of Art
The Palace of Legion and Honor: San Francisco
National Art Exhibition: Bejing, Chia
The Whitney Museum
The Fogg Museum
The Corcoran Museum
The Cleveland Museum
The Jerusalem Theatre Gallery
The Dixsa Gallery: Tel Aviv, Israel
Bruno Gallery: Tel Aviv, Israel
Art Expo: Atlanta, Georgia
Safrai Gallery: Jerusalem, Israel
The Ambassador Gallery: New York
The Fine Art Museum of Long island: New York
Martin Lawrence Gallery: Chicago, Illinois
Roberts Gallery: Scottsdale, Arizona
Art One Gallery: Los Angeles, California
John Szoke Graphics: New York
Gallerie I.D.: Geneva, Switzerland
Galerie Contemporaire: Geneva, Switzerland
Galleries Naifs et Primitifs: Paris, France
The Library of Congress

Corporate clients have included:
The Disney Corporation
Exxon Corporation
Universal Studios
Federal Express
Larson-Juhl, Inc.
The Ritz Carlton Corporation
American Pharmaceuticals
Nissin Foods of Japan
Societe Toyota
Club Pernod, Champs Elysees, Paris
Hotel Mercure
Clermont Ferrand
Red Bull
Levi Strauss Corp.

Artists have been Commissioned to paint the official portraits of:
King and Queen of Spain (Royo)
Sir Winston Churchill (Cha)
Marilyn Monroe (Azoulay)

Featured in:
People Magazine
The New York Times
USA Today
American Artist Magazine
American Cancer Society Christmas Cards

Featured on:
Access Hollywood
Barbara Walters
Pink Videos
"Starting Over"

And have been collected by:
President Ronald Reagan
The Rockefeller Family
President Anwar Sadat
Jerry Lewis
Brooke Shields
Nicolas Cage
Jane Seymour
George Lucas
The King of Saudi Arabia
The Annenburg Family
HRH Prince Charles
President Jacques Chirac
Celine Dion
President Bill Clinton
Curt Gowdy
Barbara Mandrell
Tom Jones
Elizabeth Taylor
Donna Summer
Dinah Shore
Samuel Goldwyn
Jean Wallace
Patty Duke
President & Mrs. George H.W. Bush
Ron Howard
Nicole Kidman
Tom Cruise
Val Kilmer
ZZ Top
The Black Crows
Dick Van Dyke
Hugh Hefner

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