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Who we are

Who We AreWendie Busig-kohn
Founding Chairperson/CEO
Creator: The Artist In You TV series
Creative Director
Palm Springs, California USA
Forté: Philanthropic Marketing

Howard Fox
Agoura Hills, California USA
Forté: Financial and Accounting

P. Harrison Phelps
Palm Springs, California USA
Forté: Archiving, Shipping, Handling

Advisory Board

Thomas R. Forstenzer
Former Chief of Staff
United Nations Educational, Scientific, Cultural Organization
Honored Member of the Royal Society for the Arts and Industry
Paris, France
Forté: Global Networking/Arts & Culture

Dean-Stephen Kauffman
Retired Attorney
Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
General Accounting Office (GAO)
Palm Springs, California USA
Forté: Ethics and Practices

Linda M. Lingner
Retired School Teacher
Baltimore City Public Schools
Philanthropic Activist
Baltimore, Maryland
Forté: Charity Watch Dog, Ethics and Practices

Think Tank Development Team / Advisory Board Members

Wendie Busig-kohn

(Palm Springs, California, United States)
It was 1995 when President Mikhail Gorbachev invited me to The State of The World Forum to present my initiative entitled "Good Will Marketing". My mission was to motivate major brands toward a Philanthropic Identity; consumers to "focus their purchasing power for products that give back". Well received by participants, Ted Turner presented this objective to the CNN audience on Thanksgiving eve, just a few weeks later. Fifteen years later, I am delighted with the progress and the impact that has been achieved via Philanthropic Branding.

My reputation was built by "exceeding client expectations", as President/CEO of Product Intro, "synonymous with successful brand launches since 1986". My personal focus and commitment to YOU will be to further underscore your philanthropy, your support for rediscovering the joy of creativity! Art4Good Foundation and The Artist In You are synonymous with "the arts" and "doing good; giving back"!

Client Testimonials
Excerpts from written letters of endorsement
The Wall Street Journal
"...anticipating a 2% return, I was extremely pleased with a more substantial 22% response achieved...not only a brilliant marketing person...but extremely effective representative in the field as she makes a full personal commitment to the success of every program."
Allen Simeone
Dow Jones & Co.
The Wall Street Journal

Re: The World Music Awards
"...her true fortes are her extraordinary ability to bring people together in all fields and domains, as well as bring a touch of class to any project to which she lends herself..."
Richard Barnes
Barnes Media International

"Commitment to Brand Success, Strategic and Effective Program Implementation, Motivation Ability, Attention to Detail, one-stop, soup to nuts service, hands-on participation in all programs, Excellence in Communication and Documentation, Strong Negotiation skills on behalf of client, Epitomizes Leadership by Example, Excellent Spokesperson. From the inception of our professional relationship, I have always maintained complete confidence in her ability to launch programs that may even be considered 'mission impossibles', as she will put forth her creative and tenacious effort to exceed my expectations."
Monica Woo
Former Executive Vice President International Marketing
Haagen-Dazs International

"...enterprising, dependable, diligent... compassionate and generous... She has successfully managed large numbers of people spread over wide geographic areas and motivated success in the pursuit of her business objectives...worked effectively with clients and employees from divergent countries and cultures...genuinely compassionate, I greatly value her friendship and munificence..."
Film Producer Thomas M. Hammel
HBO Films
Pictograph Films

Re: WMA "Her energy and personality were very infectious, and she performed beyond her responsibilities...."
Fred Cannon

"...I recommend Wendie very highly. Her creative abilities are beyond compare, and her dedication is impeccable. The time and energy that she puts into every project are the only guarantees needed for success..."
Stephen White
M&M / Mars

"...Breaking the glass ceiling has always been an understatement for Wendie...She has only just begun the Revolution to inspire change through creativity! "The Artist in You" is a new, brilliant "product" of her gift.
Thomas Forstenzer
Former Chief of Staff, Frederico Mayor
Honored Member of the Royal Society for the Arts and Industry

Summed up by Nobel Peace Laureate Hans Krebs
"Great Science is to look at things everybody else has studied and see something new."
Professional Biography (In the words of others)

Although Ms. Busig-Kohn has often been introduced as "the most brilliant marketing person that I know", by many clients and colleagues, (originally by The Wall Street Journal) her professional expertise and experience runs the gamut of related fields including Special Event production, publishing, and public relations.

In 1993, she was nominated and accepted into the "Who's Who of Global Business Leaders", for her career achievements. During 1995 and 1996, she devoted her focus and invested her efforts and expertise in ongoing development, consultation, and participation in and for world healing events, including "The World Music Awards", and "The State of The World Forum".* *(By invitation from President Mikhail Gorbachev)

In 2000, she attended and participated in The UN Millennium Summit as alumni of The State of The World Forum, and, again in 2004 and 2005, assisted coordination of International press coverage of The World Music Awards.

In 2007, she was nominated and accepted into the Cambridge Who's Who in America; then selected and honored further by same into the Special Honors Edition category. More recently, in 2008, named "Executive Professional of the Year"; one of two women honored in the category of Marketing and Fund Raising, from 250,000 membership of leading executive professionals in the United States.

Possessing a natural complement of business and interpersonal skills, her impressive networking ability has enabled her to establish substantial relationships, worldwide, with key players who will collaboratively and collectively implement and support your project and its various marketing, promotional, merchandising, public relations, sponsorship and franchise development needs.

Her success lies in her creative and tenacious style; always striving to exceed client expectations and conquer any challenge that presents itself along the way. Her business philosophy is demonstrated via leadership by example, retaining "hands-on" control of her objectives and overall responsibilities and, most importantly, creating and implementing "everyone will win" scenarios.

As President and C.E.O. of Product Intro, from 1986 to date, her impressive client roster has included the "creme de la creme" of U.S. Fortune 100 companies. The Product Intro team still maintains a gold standard reputation and a proud, unprecedented, 100% success record for programs implemented to date! ( Client Reference Letters are available upon request)

As a featured guest of more than eighty television appearances to date including "Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous", "60 Minutes", "NBC's 1988 Democratic Convention Coverage' and "The Mike Douglas Show", she is no stranger to the Public Relations Industry. She has successfully represented products and projects on an international media coverage basis, to both trade and consumer press.


Tracie Koziura

(Leicestershire, England, UK)
Being involved in design all my life, that last 12 years of which have been dedicated to web design and development as Director and Design Consultant of New Media Development Ltd., I have been able to bring my knowledge and experience to the technical department of The Artist In You which has involved creating bespoke Facebook pages for The Artist In You and subsequently it's sister pages, Art4Good, The Artist In You Blog and The Artist In You Annex, through designing and developing The Artist In You Blog at Typepad to developing the new Art4Good Foundation website.

I have been appointed Editor in Chief of The Artist In You Blog which involves approving all blog posts and 'tweaking' where necessary in order to maintain consistency and quality throughout. My technical duties require a lot of time and focus but as this is an area I am extremely familiar with, I am quite happy to 'lose myself' in the tasks that arise.

Having the opportunity to 'do good' and 'give back' has been a dream of mine for many years and now, through The Artist In You and Art4Good, I am able to realise that dream through my Art. I plan to retire from full time work in a few years when my time will then be focused on my art, continuing to create in order to give back by raising funds for causes and charities around the world with The Artist In You and Art4Good.

Summary Statement from Wendie Busig-Kohn
"Leadership is by example". That was my suggested definition of leadership during the first year of The State of the World Forum. I hear that phrase often now, and I smile.

My other favorite expression, that did not originate from me is "Leadership only occurs when others follow". That is also true.

But, to truly lead in any capacity, the first challenge is to surround yourself with like minded people who have talents that you don't have yourself. It's one thing to visualize and plan out the strategy for a mission or project. But to implement it effectively one must always look for those very special people who "are on the same page" and who can also provide the expertise in the various areas of development from the onset and ongoing.

I'm really proud of "my team" here! They are the best at what they do, and they stand by me, and truly see the mission we have in front of us. None of this would be possible without each and every one of them!

We are all over the world yet connected each day. There is an age range of 50 years between the youngest and the eldest participant on the TEAM that is Art4Good Foundation and The Artist In You.

And we all have a signature that I would like to pass on to you: ONE LOVE!
Now it's your turn to PASS IT ON!

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